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One of the strengths of naturopathic medicine is the wide variety of remedies at our disposal. Below are listed the trusted supplements that Dr. Gaul uses listed alphabetically and by category. Press the link on the alphabetical list and you'll be taken to a data sheet for the product.
Your treatment plan will list what you are taking, how often you are to take it and the reason for taking it. If you have general questions about naturopathic supplements, take a look at the "How to Use Your Natural Health Care Products" handout. If you have further questions about what you are taking not answered by these resources, please contact us at the clinic or call ResonanceRemedies directly so that we can assist you.
Taking a Remedy Not Listed Here?
For more information about Homeopathics, Herbal Medicines, Essential Oils, Flower Essences and about specific Nutrients, take a look at the Natural Medicines Page. Many of our Custom remedies include components made from stock natural medicines. 
By Category
  • Pro-Aller 50ml 

  • EMIQ Activated Quercetin 

  • Nature Doc Allergy Desensitizer

  • Calm-Pro 

  • Neurapas

  • Pascoflair

  • Aurum Lavender Rose Cream

  • AnXvita 

Blood Sugar & Weight 
  • Insinase 90T

  • Glucorect 50ml 

Cardio & Blood Circulation
  • SalvTonic 60T

  • Hawthorn Solid Extract 224g

  • Co-Hypert 50ml 

  • apo-Oedem 50ml 

Cold, Flu & Immune
  • Bronchial Syrup 

  • Itires 50ml/100ml 

  • Itires Cream 35g 

  • Septonsil 50ml 

  • Resp Air E.O

  • Hydrastis Nasal Spray 

  • NAC 


  • PLEO-San Strep 

  • Opsonat 50ml 

Children's Remedies 
  • Children's Chewables

  • Nature Doc Calendula Tincture

  • HMF Natogen 

  • Lavender Quartz Ear Oil 

  • Nature Doc Cough & Cold Formula 50ml

  • Nature Doc Immune Formula 50ml

  • Amber Teething Cream

  • All Better E.O

  • Homeopathic Immune Boosting Kit

  • DHA

  • HMF child

  • Borage Oil 

  • Neem Oil

  • Calm-Pro

  • Neu-regen

  • Bronchial Syrup 

  • Arnica ointment 

  • Ultra Care for Kids

  • Palma Christi Castor Oil 

  • Palma Christi Castor Oil Kit 

  • Prime Chlorella 

  • Cilantrex 

  • Detox E.O

  • Toxex 50ml 

  • AdvaClear 

  • Clear Change 10-day Program 

  • Clear Change 28-day Program 

  • Pekana Basic Detox Kit 

  • Mundipur 250ml 

  • Candibactin AR 

  • Candibactin BR

  • PLEO-poly 

  • Ailgeno 50ml 

  • Speci-chol 50ml 

  • apo-Stom 50ml 

  • apo-Hepat 50ml 

  • Zinlori 75 

  • Digest Plus 

  • Bioenzymes 

  • DGL 

  • Critical Digestion 

  • Intolerance Complex 

  • Mundipur 250ml 

  • UltraInflamX 

  • Ultra Care for Kids 

  • UltraClear Plus 

  • UltraClear Powder 

  • UltraClear Renew

Eyes & Ears
  • Pleo Muc Eye Drops 

  • Lavender Quartz Ear Oil 

Kidney & Bladder 
  • SagaPro 

  • Renelix 50ml 

  • Akutur 50ml 

  • T-M 

  • T-W

  • T+ 

  • Progest-Fix 

  • Estro-Fix 

  • Hersynergy

  • Kidney & Bladder 

  • Estrium 

Meal Replacements 
  • UltraMeal Vanilla Soy or Rice 

  • UltraMeal Chocolate Soy or Rice 

  • UltraMeal 360 Vanilla Soy or Rice 

  • UltraMeal 360 Chocolate Soy or Rice 

  • UltraCare for Kids

Metabolic Typing
  • Calcium Aspartate/Magnesium Aspartate

  • Chondroitin 

  • Glutathione 

  • Green Tea 

  • Grapeseed Extract 

  • DIM 

  • Modified Citrus Pectin 

  • Curcumin Complex 

  • Osteodoron AM

  • Osteodoron PM 

  • Bonesure

  • Pleo-Lat

  • Ligaflex 

  • Pleo-Art

  • Traumacare Cream 50g

  • Epsomgel 

  • Arnica Ointment 

  • Chondrocare

  • Curcumin Complex 

  • Inflavamend 

  • apo-Rheum 

  • apo-Dolor

  • MitoVive 

  • Sili-mer

  • Zeululisan Cream 

Natural Cleaning 

  • Simple Soap 

  • Home Cleaning Essential Oil Kit 

Pre & Post Pregnancy 
  • Pregnancy Tea 

  • Breast Milk Tea

  • Goat's Rue Tincture

  • Canadian Lettuce Tincture

  • Labour support E.O 

  • Nature Doc Calendula Tincture 

  • Arnica 

  • Mother's Cordial Tincture 

  • Pregnancy Formula I 

Self- Development 
  • Emvita's 1-28 

  • Chavita's 1-7 

  • Higher Chakra's 8-13 

  • Aura Soma Equillibrium Bottles

  • Simvita 

  • Neurovita

Skin Health 
  • Actifungi Cream 

  • Execalm Cream 

  • Dercut 50ml 

  • Dercut Cream 

  • Tea Tree E.O 

  • Manuka E.O 

  • Thuija E.O 

  • Polygonatum Scar Cream 

  • Broccogen Sulphoraphane Ointment 

  • Clear 60 Ultra Gel 

  • Clear 60 Hyaluronic Acide 

  • Clear 60 Gift Set 

  • Ultra Care for Kids 

Stress & Insomnia 
  • Pascoflair 30T/100T

  • Neurapas 60T/100T

  • Psy-stabil 50ml 

  • NEU-regen 250ml 

  • Calm-Pro 

  • AdrenaVantage 

  • TAD+ 60T/120T

  • GSF complex

  • Cuprum  Cream 

  • Somno-Pro

  • Somcupin 

  • Melatonin + B6

  • Biothy 60T

  • ThyroVantage 90

  • apo-Strum 50ml 

 Vitamins & Minerals 
  • Good Gums 

  • Innate Magnesium 300 Powder 

  • EMIQ 

  • Dalektro N 50ml 

  • Colloidal Multi Mins Liquid 

  • A-Mulsion 

  • D3 Liquid 

  • Iron 

  • Ferrodona 50ml 

  • Modified Citrus Pectin 

Women's Remedies
  • Klifem 50ml 

  • Enerpelva 50ml 

  • Estrovera 30T/ 90T


30 Day Hair Kit

30 Day Hair Kit Instructions




Actifungi Cream

AdrenaVantage AG -90 cap

AdvaClear 42 cap

Ailgeno 50mL liquid

Akutur 50 mL liquid

All Better Essential Oil

Amber Amethyst Cream







Arnica Ointment


Aurum Lavender Rose Cream


BioEnzymes 100 SG

BioThy 60 Capsules

BoneSure 90T

Borage Seed Oil Liquid

Brain Memory

Breast Milk Tea 30g

BroccoFussion Sulforaphane Ointment 15ml

Bronchial Syrup 250ml

Bugaway Spray


Calcium Aspartate 30mg/ Magnesium Aspartate

Calm-Pro 90 100mg Chewable Tablets

Candibactin AR 60 Softgels

Chavita 1

Chavita 2

Chavita 3

Chavita 4

Chavita 5

Chavita 6

Chavita 7

Children's Chewable Vitamins 100 tabs

Chondro Care with MSM 120 Tab

Chondroitin 500mg

Cilantrex 120 Tablets

Clauparest 50ml

Clear 60 30ml Gift Set with HA and Ultra Mist

Clear 60 Acide Hyaluronic 50ml

Clear 60 Ultra Gel 50ml

Clear Change Daily Essentials 30 Pack

Clear Change Program Guide -10 Day

Clear Change Program Dosage Schedule -10 Day

Clear Change Program Brochure -10 Day

Clear Change Program Formula Focus-10 Day

Clear Change Program Guide- 28 Day 

Clear Change Program Dosage Schedule- 28 Day 


Co-Hypert 50ml

Colloidal Multi Mins Liquid 1000ml

Coro-Calm 50ml

Critical Digestion, 90cap

Cuprum Cream

Curcumin Complex 180vcaps


D3 Liquid 1000IU 2oz Peppermint

Dalektro N 50ml

Deepure Weight Loss & Detox 28 

Dercut 50ml

Dercut Cream 100g

Detox Essential Oil 12ml

DGL 180T Chewable Licorice or Choco-coconut

Digest Plus Enzyme 90 tabs

DIM 100 60vcaps


EMIQ Activated Quercetin 167mg 

Emvita 1

Emvita 2

Emvita 3

Emvita 4

Emvita 5

Emvita 6

Emvita 7

Emvita 8

Emvita 9

Emvita 10

Emvita 11

Emvita 12

Emvita 13

Emvita 14

Emvita 15

Emvita 16

Emvita 17

Emvita 18

Emvita 19

Emvita 20

Emvita 21

Emvita 22

Emvita 23

Emvita 24

Emvita 25

Emvita 26

Emvita 27

Emvita 28

Epsomgel 90ml

Estrium Estrobalance (Mango Soy and Vanilla Whey)

Estro Fix (Estro-Mend) 120vcaps

Estrovera 30/90 Tablets

Execalm Cream 100g


Ferrodona 50ml


GLA 130 Primrose Oil 90 caps

Glucorect 50ml

Glutathione 50mg 60vcaps

Good Gums Powder 45grams

Grapeseed 95% 100mg 60vcaps

Green Tea EGCG 550mg 60caps

Gripps 50mL

GSF Complex 60 caps


Hawthorn Solid Extract 223g


Higher Chakra 8 Journey

Higher Chakra 9 Unity

Higher Chakra 10 Earth 

Higher Chakra 11 Command

Higher Chakra 12 Mastery

Higher Chakra 13 Integration

HMF Candigen Cream 50g

HMF Candigen Suppositories

HMF Child 30T

HMF Forte 60/120 capsules

HMF Natogen 6g

HMF Powder 60g

Home Cleaning Essential Oil Kit

Homeopathic Immune Boosting Kit Handout

Homeopathic Immune Boosting Kit- Booklet

Homeopathic Immune Boosting Kit 

Hydrastis Nasal Spray


Inflavamend 60vcaps

Innate Magnesium 300 Powder 132g

Insinase 90T 

Intolerance Complex 90 capsules

Iron 90 capsules

Itires 50/100mL

Itires Ointment 50g


Klifem 50ml


Labour Support EO 5mL

Lavender Quartz Ear Oil


Lymphdiaral Cream 40g


Manuka EO 50mL

Melatonin B6

MitoVive 480g

Modified Citrus Pectin 300g

Mundipur 250mL


NAC N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 

Nature Doc Arnica homeopathic tube

Nature Doc Enerpelva 50mL

Nature Doc Mothers Cordial 50mL

Nature Doc Radinex 50mL

Nature Doc Calendula Tincture 50mL

Nature Doc Cold and Cough Formula 50ml 

Nature Doc Immune Formula 50ml 

Neem Oil 60mL

NEU-regen syrup 250ml

Neurapas Balance (100T and 60T)

Nurovita ( Formerly Neurovita) 50ml 


Omega EFA Liquid 150ml (orange)

Opsonat 50ml 

Osteodoron AM

Osteodoron PM


Palma Christi Castor Oil GOLD 240ml

Palma Christi Castor Oil Wrap Kit

Pascoflair (100T and 30T)

PascoLeucyn Drops 50ml

Pediatri Vite 180ml

Pleo Art A (Arthrokehlan A)

Pleo Poly Dx

Pleo San Strep 


Pleo-MUC (Mucokehl) eye drops 5X (10 Single Vials)


Polygonatum Cepa Scar Ease 60g

Pregnancy Tea 30g

Prime Chlorella 200mg per tablet,  500 Tablets 

Pro-Aller 50ml

Probiotic 225 

Progest Fix (Progesto-Mend) 120vcaps

Psoriacare Herbal Cream 60ml

Psy-Stabil 50ml

PurePaleo Protein Powder (HydroBEEF) 810 grams


Renelix 50ml 

Resp Air EO 12ml 


SAGA Pro SageMedica  100mg 30T 


Septonsil 50ml 

Sili-mer G5 Solution

Simvita 50ml 

Somcupin 50ml

Somno-Pro 90 Chewable Tablets

Speci-Chol 50ml


T+ ( TestoGain) 120vcaps

T-M ( Testo-Quench for Men)  120vcap 

T-W (Testo Quench for Women)

TAD+ (60 Tabs/120 Tabs)

Tea Tree EO 12ml 

Thuja Essential Oil 5ml 

ThyroVantageHT Thyroid Support 90 Capsules

Toxex 50ml 

Traumacare 50/100g


Ultra Care Kids - Vanilla

Ultra Clear

Ultra Clear Plus

Ultra Clear Renew

Ultra Meal

Ultra Meal Plus 360 Cardio - Vanilla

Ultra Meal Rice - Chocolate/Vanilla

UltraInflamX Original Spice


Vertigopas 30ml Oral Drops 


Zellulisan Ointment 100g


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