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September 2021 Protocol Update

Should you require a vaccination, I am suggesting to support your body by taking NAC x 1 capsule, EMIQ x 1 capsule and the Ars/Stib homeopathic for 2 weeks before and after each injection. You will need 1 bottle of each supplement for each person being vaccinated. 

April 6th 2020 Coronavirus Update

Thanks everyone who attended the live lecture about Coronavirus, where I shared information about the virus, about prevention, and about potential treatments. I've been teaching people how to take care of illness at home for over 20 years! Now in the time of epidemic, it will be and useful to review what to do for respiratory illness as we examine this unique virus.

Items Suggested in the Webinar with their Uses and Doses

As promised, here are the doses and items suggested in the webinar. All are safe to use and I think that they represent reasonable approaches to what faces us. They are safe to combine and it is reasonable to select those that appeal based on your personal preferences and concerns. You can get most of these from our Fullscript account and have them delivered to you. For homeopathics call or email the office. 

NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) 500mg for prevention, 1500-2000mg for treatment of congestion in the lungs and for lung tissue damage.

Quercitin blocks ACE receptors. Use 1 capsule of EMIQ for prevention. 

Homeopathics:  Stibium/Ars-album combo 10 drops 2 x per day for prevention and can be used if affected at 4-6 x per day.  Pneumodoron1 and 2 as well as Bronchial syrup can be used preventatively if you have a tendency to pneumonia and then also as part of a supportive treatment of pneumonia. 

Essential Oils: Ravensara, Lemon, Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Bay Laurel and Niaouli essential oils are very antiviral and can be used in diffusers, inhalations and diluted topical applications. 

Vitamin D: 5000IU for prevention. Helps increase soluble complexes of ACE2 with the virus.

Sambucus (elderberry). This herb reduces viral load. Use in prevention, but stop during peak inflammation if infected.

Inhibitors of inflammation that will likely be of use, especially in infection but also in those who are already inflamed to come extent (having hypertension, cardiovascular disease or diabetes)

Resveratrol 100-150mg every day

EGCG 225mg every day (which is a specific type of green tea extract)

Curcumin 500-1000mg every day, or 2 Inflavamend if you have them.

Handouts for the Physical Therapies

Wet Sock Treatment

Lemon Leg Compress for Fever

Mustard Pack 

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