Alleviate Webinar Series 2019/2020

Every month Dr. Gaul offers a free Webinar from the perspective of ALLEVIATE, the first step in the Whole Life Medicine model, about topics that are timely and useful to learn about, especially to those new to Naturopathic Medicine. In ALLEVIATE, we are learning more about Root Causes, Clean Slate detox processes, and Missing Ingredients that can support us on our health journeys. The easiest way to register is to make sure you are on our mailing list! We'll remind you as the events are getting closer.

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May 28th @ 7pm

June 25th @ 7pm

July 30th @ 7pm

August 27th @ 7pm

September 24th @ 7pm

October 29th @7pm

November 26th@7pm

December 17 @7pm

January 14 @7pm

February 25 @7pm


March 24 @7pm

Natural Solutions for Allergies

Whole Foods, Whole Health

Many Modes of Meditation

It's All Connected in Functional Medicine

The Art of Meal Prep

The Most Overlooked Causes of Low Thyroid

Managing Arthritis

Increase Your Energy Naturally

Metabolic Reset

Getting to the Root Cause of Digestive Disorders

Sleep 101

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Align Live Events 2019/2020

For the more curious community members or those who have an established health journey, we hold live events several times per year in our ALIGN series. During these events, we have more time together to learn, experiment and practice new skills in person, while deepening our understanding of health. 

October 2019 - date TBA

Reconnecting Pathways

Learn what needs to change and have a transformational experience of yourself.
Dr. Gaul teaches how everything is connected in order to show you how to heal at the next level. 

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