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Natural Medicines

There are so many natural medicines to learn about! Here is a summary with extra resources about each main category. 
Herbal Medicine
An herbal medicine is one made from whole plants or plant parts, such as leaf, flower, fruit or root. Plants might be used fresh or in a dried or preserved form, like tea or tincture. 
Homeopathic Medicines
A homeopathic medicine is a diluted and successes medicine made from a mineral, plant, or animal substance.
Flower Essences
A flower essence is made from flowers submerged in water, exposed to the sun, and then preserved.
A nutrient is a compound that is ingested from foods. They may be essential or non-essential, macro or micro in nature. Included here are the vitamins and minerals as well as the proteins, carbohydrates and fats. There are also many preformed molecules which are involved in metabolic function or structure that are used as medicines.
Essential Oils
Used in aromatherapy, an essential oil is a product made from the steam distillation of plants, which separates the volatile compounds from the glands of the plant and concentrates it into an oil.
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