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Here is a list of the current Resource Hubs!
Many of you may not remember this far back, but at one time my website was a hundred page collection of all sorts of natural health information! Now, I am reintroducing it to you in a new, updated format that I will enjoy adding to in years to come. Each of the Resource Hubs will focus on a special topic and contain multiple types of information for your perusal!
Suggestions for different types of information are always welcome!

Essential Handouts

In this Hub you will find the handouts that I recommend most often to patients, along with detailed Clinic Information such as our Frequently Asked Questions.

Remedy Information Hub

The product information and recommended use for all of the remedies in our dispensary, organized alphabetically and by category. 

Lab Information Hub

A list of our most used laboratory tests, how much they cost, and what they're used for. Also includes collection information for samples. 

Diet Hub

Here's where to start if we've been discussing changing your diet. You'll find the support pages for allergy diets, Metabolic Typing and SIBO here. 

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