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Flower Essences

"Disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. It is only a symptom of the is our fears, our cares, our anxieties and such like that open the path to the invasion of illness...Remove the disharmony, the fear, the terror, or the indecision, and we regain harmony between soul and mind, and the body is once more perfect in all its parts.'

The Flower Essences were specifically designed to treat 'our fears, our cares, our worries and so on,' so that 'we not only free ourselves from our illness, but the addition...leave us happier and better in ourselves." -- Dr. E. Bach

Flower Essences Mini-Manual

A description of the 38 original Flower Essences and their uses.

Flower Essences for Kids & Pregnant Moms

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Descriptions are given for the 38 Essences and Rescue Remedy and the emotional and mental conditions for which each is needed, together with the positive potential of the patient once harmony is restored, to browse through once you've read this section (on the left!).

It is possible that more than one essence may be suitable for your case, and these may be combined for your use. You may also be suffering from other symptoms, for which other essences may be appropriate; if so, you can combine up to 5 or 6 essences if necessary, occasionally more.

When you are first familiarising yourself with the essences it can seem that a great many apply to you, and people have asked why they should not use all 38 Essences together. However, Dr.Bach tested out a composite of this kind and found it unsatisfactory. Experience over time enables prescribers to become very accurate in pinpointing the most salient essences.  

Clarifying Your Choice

The descriptions of the states for which the essences are recommended are not always flattering, and it may be hard to recognise yourself in them. Bear in mind that these are desriptions of extreme states; reading the 'Positive Potential' of each essence will help you to identify the right essences for you, particularly if you feel that these are qualities that you wish to develop in yourself.

Since it is not always easy to see ourselves, it can be helpful to ask a friend for an opinion, preferably someone objective rather than a partner or close relative who may be emotionally involved with your problems.

Dr. Bach wrote:

'To find the herb that will help us we must find the object of our life, what we are striving to do, and also understand the difficulties in our path [which] we call faults or failings...' 

He also suggests that 'it will help to ask yourself which of the virtues you most admire in other people; or which of the failings is, in others, your pet aversion, since the faults we dislike in others are very often those we most need to eradicate in ourselves.'

Finding The Root Cause

In choosing your essences, it will help you to look for the root cause of your particular problem. For example, if you have a problem of addiction (to alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, etc.) you will see that Agrimony is indicated, particularly for people who use addictions to escape from problems. First, check under Agrimony to see whether the characteristics of Agrimony apply to you. If they do, you should then ask yourself from what you are escaping.

Behind the cheerful front of the Agrimony personality there may be a childhood trauma (for which Star of Bethlehem would be indicated), fear (Mimulus or Aspen), hatred (Holly) or resentment (Willow), among other possibilities. The appropriate essence can be taken together with Agrimony.

Will It Harm Me If I Pick The Wrong Essence?

No. The essences cannot be harmful, and if you pick an inappropriate one, it will simply not have an effect.

Using The Essences For Established Problems, Travelling, Or Treating Other People

Once the essence or combination of essences has been chosen, put two drops from the stock bottle of each essence into a small clean bottle (about 30 ml/l oz) and top up with bottled spring water. Stored in a cool place, this will keep for about 3 weeks. From this bottle, take 4 drops in a little water at least four times a day. It is quite safe to take them more often. Hold the dose in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing.

Drops can be added to a baby's bottle or a child's fruit juice.

Note: As mentioned in the Introduction, the essences can be taken alongside medication, including homoeopathic remedies, without couteracting each other.

For Fluctuating Moods

For daily ups and downs such as temporary fatigue or irritation, a few drops can be taken in a cup of water, fruit juice, tea or any other drink, and sipped fairly frequently.

Taking The Drops Undiluted

If no liquid is available you can take two drops direct from the stock bottle, though bear in mind that this has a high alcohol content. Avoid contact between the dropper and your mouth.

For Emergencies

In the case of accidents or sudden shocks, see the Rescue Remedy.

How Long Should I Take Them For?

The time taken for the essences to have a noticeable effect varies according to individuals and circumstances. Someone suffering from a sudden onset of depression, for instance, may experience immediate relief after taking two drops of Mustard. Similarly, if a person wakes up one day with a typical 'Monday morning feeling' sipping some Hornbeam in water should enable them to face the day with calm energy.

On the other hand, if the emotional state to be treated is very deep-rooted, it may take some days or weeks before the sufferer notices a difference. However the people around them may well see changes much earlier. As a rule, the essences work undramatically and gently; the change happens at a natural pace to which people easily adjust.

When the individual begins to experience physical and emotional relief, it may be time to stop taking the essences.

If there is no improvement after taking the essences for a fortnight, reconsider the choice of essences; there may be an aspect you have missed. If only a small change has occurred, continue to take them or consider whether an additional essence could be added to the combination.

It frequently happens that after taking one set of essences for a month or so, it becomes clear that there are other aspects of the personality in need of healing, and a different essence or combination of essences is called for.


The essences have no adverse side effects. However, like other forms of natural medicine, they may allow suppressed symptoms to surface. These could include such things as rashes while the body is being cleared of toxins, or an awareness of emotions which have been denied expression. These are an important part of the healing process and are only temporary.

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