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Align Live Events

For the more curious community members or those who have an established health journey, Dr. Gaul will host live events several times per year in our ALIGN series. During these events, we have more time together to learn, experiment and practice new skills in person, while deepening our understanding of health. 


The Gathering is the first official Align event for the Resonance Community! 


ALIGN is the next level of healing, an up-level of our discussion in ALLEVIATE. In ALIGN, we are increasing our Awareness, Reconnecting Pathways, and finding our own Reviving Support systems to help us find centre, even when events around us are stressful.

Listening to the Heart

Our first event will be about how to recognize and heal trauma in ourselves. In the past year, I’ve spent a lot of time studying, reflecting and experimenting with trauma assessment and healing techniques. The past two years have really shown us all the gaps and holes in how we run our lives, and it is time to rethink our strategies and learn healing techniques to help ourselves and our families.

This time together will let us connect to each other and ourselves, starting with the language of the heart.  We will spend some time learning, some time doing inner and outer exercises, some time connecting. Leann what needs to shift and have a transformational experience of your health. You will walk away with new awareness, new skills and new friends. 

The event will take place at the Edgemont Community Association, in the Mountainview Room (with a beautiful mountain view!). A list of things to bring and notes about the event will be forwarded 2 weeks before the event. 
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2022 Planned Events

 I am hoping to produce 3 more events in April, July and October.  Workshops are about 3 hours long, and will include a chance to connect on multiple levels while gathering to learn about ourselves or to add a new skill.

This year I am planning to offer: 

The 7 Year Cycles of Your Biography

Creating an Inner Support System

Health Challenges & Their Relevance to the Modern Seeker

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