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Aura Soma is used for a deeper exploration of your own needs and direction. 
Book a 45 minute session to choose your colours!

Aura Soma

The Aura Soma Colour-Care System is a non-intrusive colour therapy where patients select the appropriate remedies for themselves, “placing the responsibility of well being with the one who chooses”. There is an interaction that takes place between the bottles and the field of the person during this choosing that allows the soul of the client to express its needs in that moment in all its wisdom.

When I first was learning about Aura Soma, I have to admit that I felt a bit out of my element! But over time I have come to see how useful the engagement with these beautiful bottles can be for a person who is ready to hear a new message about where they find themselves in life. I often recommend Aura Soma close to the end of a patient's original treatment plan, when the many stressors on the body on all levels have been mostly eliminated and the patient is ready for a new direction or a confirmation of direction already chosen.


The Aura Soma bottles contain 49 components to every colour, all sourced from the natural world. 

An Aura Soma consultation involves standing in front of our beautiful wall of dual toned Equilibrium bottles (pictured here on this page), and choosing 4. Then we spend 45 minutes discussing what you chose. One bottle is selected to take home.


The Equilibrium bottles directly affect the subtle energy systems of a body, affecting wellbeing at all levels. As a person shakes the bottle, the energies are matched by sympathetic resonance to all of the different aspects of the 144,000 nadis of the body, selecting those for your greater good. The shaken Equilibrium is then applied to the body so that the integration of these resonant selections can take place. The body absorbs the required aspect of the Equilibrium through the skin, the energies enter the lymphatic system, and then the circulatory system to the appropriate organs and endocrine glands. The influenced endocrine glands “repercuss” on the chakras and subtle bodies, producing a “making whole” response from within the whole being. Equilibrium energies applied to the physical body brings the energy of the colors to ground through the entire energy system and into the physical. 

Other products in the Aura Soma line are also available!

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